I decided that for both expediency’s sake and the sake of people with slow-loading computers, I’d break my pictures (once I have them) up into categories so that rather than loading up a ton of pictures at once, you can load up smaller batches one at a time. Isn’t that nice? So far, here’s what I’ve got:

  1. Cross-stitched Calendar Cats
  2. Engrish found art
  3. EverQuest Advising Adventures
  4. Library Murals
  5. Our aquarium life
  6. Paper Telephone Games
  7. Random Comic Maker
  8. WiG Comics

Pictures from Rants

The following are pictures that are found in particular rants. Rather than stick the pictures up here by themselves, I decided to include links to the rants so that the pictures have some sort of context. They go from newest on the top to oldest on the bottom. The title which is the link is the name of the post, and following that is a short description of what the picture is.

  1. SO CUTE!!!1!! 4 pictures of yarn ball/clay magnet snails
  2. Have I mentioned I’ve been crocheting? crocheted eyeball, Kitty with crocheted eyeball, crocheted spider, Kitty with crocheted spider
  3. So much work and so little done Golden Snail Designs logo
  4. Crochet projects 2 pictures of granny square blanket, 2 pictures of diamond square pattern, 1 picture of afghan square, 1 picture of camoflage lapghan pattern,
  5. Bunny Sleep Assassin comic
  6. Sleep Assassin #2 Sleep Assassin comic
  7. Sleep Assassin #1 Sleep Assassin comic
  8. Mad Libs Widget picture link to game on Critters (all pictures are links to larger pictures) Thanksgiving turkey; Ian’s DnD Tootsie Roll miniature; Simon; Buì, Jaune, and Gelb; Kitty; camoflage lapghan; concrete giraffe
  9. Published! 1 picture of my Lulu thesis cover
  10. Ye gods some more! 3 thumbnails leading to 3 pics of fallen bough
  11. Our guild! 2 screenshots of WoW character
  12. Green Day 1 DVD cover, 1 picture of Kitty
  13. Shooting 1 screenshot
  14. I have a pickle! 1 picture of an acorn, 2 pictures of Kitty
  15. Before I get back to grading… 2 pictures of my office
  16. LOOK AT WHAT I GOT! 2 pictures of books
  17. Happy Birthday, Sarah! 11 pictures of Sarah
  18. Happy birthday, Kitty! 1 picture of Kitty
  19. Finality 5 pictures of Sarah’s wedding, 3 pictures of Kitty, 1 picture of a cake, 2 pictures of my thesis, 1 picture of DnD minis
  20. Holiday Weekend Hijinx 11 RCM comics
  21. Random Comic Maker 5 RCM comics
  22. DnD WiG Comic 1 WiG comic
  23. My ancestor! 1 screenshot of a game
  24. Poisson d’avril! 1 drawing of a fish
  25. Guest art #5! Ian’s guest art comic
  26. Guest art #4! link to Katie’s guest art comic
  27. Guest art #3! Lushbaugh’s guest art comic
  28. Guest art #2! Dave’s guest art comic
  29. Guest art #1! Miller’s guest art comic
  30. A mind once broken… 1 drawing of a spaghetti marshmallow taco
  31. Post-it Post 2 pictures of Post-it notes
  32. If only… 1 EQ WiG comic
  33. Peanut butter jelly time! 2 pictures of tea, 1 picture of my desk, 1 picture of the Christmas tree
  34. Thesising 1 picture of my meds
  35. Raving from behind the snow fort 2 pictures from SASC
  36. Cross stitching cats 3 pictures of cross stitched works
  37. Sick and still playing 1 webcomic picture
  38. ID 1 webcomic picture
  39. Copperhead 1 picture of me
  40. WiG Comic #9 1 Wig comic
  41. All righty then. 1 screenshot of strange message
  42. New fish 2 pictures of a fish, 2 linked pictues

In case you’ve noticed, no, these aren’t all the pictures that have ever been on WiG. However, a lot of pictures didn’t get ported over from when our site was hosted in a different place, and all of those older posts have broken images, which have yet to be replaced. If/when I ever get around to fixing all those old posts (and mind you, there are thirty pages of them with ten posts per page), I’ll be sure to include them here.