This page is more for me than for anyone else to look at, really. It’s a list of all the webcomics I’m archiving as well as where I am in the collection. As it has been in the past, the method I used to keep track of where I was in dozens of comics was to create a .txt file with the name of the comic and the number I was on. I had a .txt file on my jump drive, my laptop, and my desktop–all with different comics. Likewise, because I wasn’t keeping the webpage’s URL in the file, if it wasn’t bookmarked on a particular computer, I’d have to look up the addy all over again. Very inefficient. Therefore, to remedy this, I’ve decided the best thing to do is to go ahead and link them somewhere on the site where I can easily find the pages as well as update where I am. That way it won’t matter whether I’m at work or at home on either computer–they’ll all be readily available anywhere I have a net connection and so long as my site is up. Ingenious, no? So without further ado, the sites I’m archiving:

  1. Boneville (to begin) Added: 081308
  2. Dr. Devious vs. Lincoln High (to begin)
  3. Drewweing (to begin)
  4. Emergency Exit Comics (to begin) Added: 5/24/07
  5. Evil Space Robot (to begin)
  6. Exploitation Now (to begin)
  7. Fail (to begin) Added: 5/24/07
  8. Fluff in Brooklyn (to begin)
  9. For Better or For Worse (to begin) Added: 5/24/07
  10. The Forge (to catch up) Added: 5/24/07
  11. Fred Art (to begin)
  12. A Girl and her Fed (to begin) Added: 5/24/07
  13. Grant Gould (to begin)
  14. Green Avenger (to begin)
  15. Greystone Inn (to begin) Added: 5/24/07
  16. Heady Injury Theater (to begin)
  17. Heart-shaped Skull (to begin)
  18. Helios Forsaken (to begin)
  19. Hookie Dookie (to begin)
  20. Hope Larson (to begin)
  21. Housd (to begin)
  22. Leftville (to begin)
  23. Legend of Bill (to begin) Added: 081308
  24. Lowbright (to begin)
  25. Lowroad75 (to begin)
  26. Mattbcomic (to begin)
  27. The Mows (to begin) Added: 5/24/07
  28. Multiplex (to begin)
  29. Natalie Dee (to begin) Added: 5/24/07
  30. Neil Comics (to begin)
  31. No Pink Ponies (to begin) Added: 5/24/07
  32. Nodwick (to begin)
  33. NVIIX (to begin)
  34. Oi├Čoi! (to begin)
  35. Overcompensating (to begin)
  36. Paradox Lost (to begin)
  37. Partially Clips (to begin)
  38. Patches (to begin) Added: 5/24/07
  39. Penny Dreadful (to begin)
  40. Platinum Girl (to begin) Added: 081308
  41. Radio Maru (to begin)
  42. RCSI Travel (to begin) Added: 5/24/07
  43. Reprographs 169
  44. Rhymes with Orange 20000731
  45. Silent Kimbly (to begin) Added: 081308
  46. Sore Thumbs (to begin) Added: 5/24/07

Websites related to comics that I need to remember to check out:

  1. Online Comics Added: 5/24/07
  2. Strip Fight
  3. The Webcomic List Added: 5/24/07

If you have any webcomics to suggest that I add to my list or that you think I’d like, just post a comment with the URL and some info about the comic and I’ll look into it. Even if I don’t get around to archiving it, maybe someone else would like it.