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Posting for the sake of posting

I know I haven’t posted in a while. I know I haven’t read any of the pages I used to frequent, which is obvious because I haven’t updated my links page in forever. I may spend a bunch of time at my computer, but very little of it is on the internet. Lately, all I’ve been doing is playing Pokémon, crocheting, watching TV series that Ian likes, and more recently working on the novel Continue reading


I’m torn. Since finishing my other book for NaNoWriMo, I thought I’d go back and work on one of the other two books in the Solennelle & O series because I’m still in the writing mood. The problem is that I’m not sure which one I want to work on. See, they overlap. Here’s a sort of timeline to try and explain it, but since I’m doing it off-the-cuff in a web browser, it isn’t going to Continue reading

Huh, really?

I hadn’t realized it has been so long since I updated the page. I’ve been at the computer a lot, but most of it has been working on my novel for NaNoWriMo. I finished the book, actually. It was on November 21 that I finished it. It’s a small book, but happily I was able to get just over fifty thousand words in it to meet the NaNoWriMo goal. In the end, I got 56,516 words. The crazy Continue reading

NaNo again this year!

Well, November is nearly here and that means National Novel Writing Month! This will be the third year I’ve participated, and hopefully another year that I’ll win. 🙂 The first year, I wrote most of my third book in my Solennelle & O series, and last year, I wrote half of the fourth book in the same series. I haven’t finished writing Book Four yet, so I don’t want to start on the fifth book in Continue reading

Been busy

Yesterday I watched three documentaries while editing pictures for a display I’m making for the library. I watched a documentary on ancient Jerusalem, one about volcanoes, and the last was on the history of the United States Congress. The common theme? All explosive topics, heh. At any rate, I’ve been busy, and with the weather the way it has been, my head feels a bit like exploding Continue reading

Plot holes

Rrrr, it bugs me when I run across plot holes in my stories. They don’t tend to be major things, and they don’t tend to be things that most readers would ever figure out on their own, but there are enough anal-retentive/obsessive-compulsive types out there that would find these and be bothered by them that I try to fix as many holes as I possibly can. It’s difficult though, because Continue reading

Almost half a year ahead

I suppose all the work I’ve been doing on editing Book Two, finding quotes on Book Three, and figuring out how to pick up where I left off in Book Four has made me more than a little writing-crazy. I’ve already begun thinking ahead to what I’ll do for National Novel Writing Month this up-coming November. I guess part of me is paranoid that if I don’t jot notes down now for this, I Continue reading

Fuel to the fire

Huh. So, uh, remember how I mentioned not being able to sleep or breathe until like, uh, after August? Might make that until after September. One of the local authors contacted me about a fair that takes place in Ferdinand (little town near here) called the Ferdinand Folk Festival. It’s a local thing for artisans, folk musicians, and the like to hang out together and celebrate um, Continue reading

Ah, my life

Sometimes I don’t realize just how nutsy my life is until I start telling people about everything going on. Recently, we had a local author fair at the library with seven authors. Once the number of patrons dropped off and the authors were sitting around chatting, we came up with the idea that it’d be neat to have a booth during the Strassenfest here in Jasper in August. Since I Continue reading