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Hate the holidays

It’s nearly Thanksgiving, and after that, there’ll be nothing on air but Christmas commercials, Christmas music, and people bitching about the so-called “War on Christmas.” I hate that. I hate December for all of that. I hate the fact that if I tell people I hate Christmas, I get accused of being a Scrooge (Christmas reference) or Grinch (Christmas reference) rather than someone Continue reading

Tax exempt

I’m so depressed right now. I watch a lot of documentaries and tend to watch them on a theme when I can find a lot on the same topic. This weekend, I’ve watched four on homosexual rights–three of which were more specifically about how various religions oppress and bully homosexuals either within their own ranks or in general: Baptists, Jews, and Mormons. The one I just watched Continue reading


The husband and I talk about a lot of random things, and one thing we like to talk about a lot is politics. We were talking about how the current tea partiers are vastly different from those who originally started the idea forever ago. The tea partiers today are like people who say things like “our team lost so now I’m gonna root for this guy.” It got us talking about sports fanatics who do Continue reading

Closed off

I’ve been doing a lot of reading lately. Mind you, it’s not of the book variety but of the on-line variety, mostly concerning the characters in the Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney games and more specifically about one character in particular: Miles Edgeworth, a prosecutor with a stick up his butt and emotional issues out the ass. Uh, sorry about the odd imagery there, but had you any Continue reading


So I’ve been thinking (in and of itself a bad idea), and I was wondering why asexuality isn’t as illegal as homosexuality. I suppose homosexuality isn’t technically illegal in most states, but it’s unrecognized officially at best and society abhors it at worst. Still, one of the major reasons that most people whinge about homosexuality as being bad is because it simply cannot lead to a Continue reading

@#$%^ day

You know, I guess I can’t exactly say today was shitty. I’ve been too out of my head to really even grasp half of what’s going on so far. I guess that’s just part of the problem. I’ve been dizzy almost all day, even weaving a bit when I walk and having to stop and lean on things just so the ground beneath me would stop trying to slide away. I gouged a sizeable chunk of skin from my Continue reading

Election Day

Today is the day to get out and vote if you haven’t already done so (Ian and I voted almost two weeks ago). I would like to think that everyone’s voting on the issues, but since watching the news, I’m doubting that is happening in many cases. Regardless, it will be interesting to see how this all turns out this evening. For those of you who aren’t already put off by my political and non- Continue reading


So I’m sitting here on the couch watching Pump up the Volume with Rook while eating a bunch of breadsticks and I got to thinking about choice. It happens a lot, actually–thinking about choice–pretty much because that’s a huge part of the philosophy by which I live my life. So at any rate, I’m thinking about choices and how fascinating the power of choice is. I mean, ’cause if Continue reading


I’m currently watching the RNC and I’ve spent most of the day watching the DNC bits I missed last week. So far, I’ve seen three black people in the crowds at the RNC today. Can’t say that I’ve seen any other minorities. Ooh! There was a fourth black person just now. I think I saw an Asian American too. I haven’t even seen a lot of young people so far except for the young Continue reading