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In like a lion

The husband and I weathered the thunderstorms and nearby tornadoes today. We even swung by Taco Bell in between squalls. I sometimes wonder if it’d make more sense to move to someplace vaguely less dangerous weather-wise, but we’d likely be trading all of Indiana’s bad climate problems for something like earthquakes (which can happen here too, obviously) or deep Continue reading

Posting for the sake of posting

I know I haven’t posted in a while. I know I haven’t read any of the pages I used to frequent, which is obvious because I haven’t updated my links page in forever. I may spend a bunch of time at my computer, but very little of it is on the internet. Lately, all I’ve been doing is playing Pokémon, crocheting, watching TV series that Ian likes, and more recently working on the novel Continue reading

Final exam

I’m going to be taking my final exam for my library science course soon. After this, I’ll uninstall Firefox and everything related to it because I hate that web browser so much. Opera is far superior to Firefox. And unrelated to my class or Firefox: Happy birthday, Ally and Emmy! I can’t believe they’re 12 today. I remember how little and squeaky they were when I first saw Continue reading

Bad at math

Some time ago, I stopped keeping close track of my birthdays. In fact, I’ve gotten so lazy that whenever Ian has his birthday, I simply start telling people we’re the same age despite being nearly a whole nine months younger. The problem arises when I actually do have my birthday. Since I’ve been telling people all year that I’m thirty-one, now that I’m having a birthday, I want to Continue reading


My midterm exam is today. Apparently, the format is to download a document that has all the questions on it, type my responses into that document, then e-mail it to the professor. I guess this means that the exam will be short answer or essay. My computers better work properly tonight because I’m teaching a class on how to use the microfilm machines tomorrow at the library during Continue reading

Painful lesson

I was pretty tired after all the traveling and running around I did this weekend, so when I got up this morning and was groggier than usual (I hate mornings with a vengeance), I forgot to put my ankle braces on. Technically, I’m not wearing them because my ankles hurt or anything; I wear them because there’s something wrong with my heels (my co-workers insist it’s plantar fasciitis or Continue reading

Back to school

I just finished signing up for an on-line course at Indiana State University. It’s a library science course called “School & Public Library Administration.” I would rather have taken one on material acquisition or cataloguing and cataloguing management. While I sometimes help out a little with what books to get, acquisitions isn’t really one of my responsibilities, and the odds of me Continue reading

Linguistic Humor

So yesterday at work during our lunch break, Sandy and I were talking about random stuff going on around the library. She mentioned that one of the toilets in the women’s room was out of order, and that she had seen Julie (one of our catalogers) put an “Out of Order” sign on it. Speaking of things that were out of order, I mentioned that Adult-03 computer had been out of Continue reading

Happy birthday, Tommy!

Hooray! The little bro is one year older today! I know Tommy’s planning on going out to eat today, and I hope he has a good time. We had fun chatting on the porch yesterday for a while. I hope he gets M&Ms from someone. They’re a must. 🙂 At any rate, it’s like one in the morning right now, so I’m gonna keep this short so I can pass out ’cause I gotta work in the morning. Continue reading

Happy birthday, Baby Doll!

Happy birthday, Ian! I’ve already given you your birthday M&Ms, so you’ve gotten at least that much of the celebration out of the way. 🙂 I know you’re not much of one to celebrate birthdays, but I thought I’d at least get a shout out on the page so everyone else can celebrate it for you! Happy birthday!