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Porta-pockets! My latest knitted project.

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I sometimes wear skirts to work, and none of the skirts I have have pockets in them. This is my solution: a scarf with pockets at the ends so I can wear it around my neck and toss whatever I need in the pockets. Generally that just means my lip balm, flash drive, and maybe a pen, but if I really wanted, I could carry my phone around or what-have-you. I can’t remember just when I Continue reading

…Now you don’t!

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I got my hair cut yesterday (tried to upload pics then but Rantfest was acting wiggy) and donated ten inches of it to Locks of Love. She cut the requisite ten inches off then washed it. After that, she asked me what sort of haircut I wanted, and I told her that she could do whatever because my hair grows really fast. She cut it really short in the back and left it longer on the sides. Then she decided to blow dry it, which I never do because my hair’s simply too thick to blow dry quickly, and while she was doing that, she decided she felt like straightening it–my hair gets pretty curly while it’s drying. I just shrugged and told her that it was fine by me. She straightened it and styled it and seemed really happy to just keep playing with my hair. She probably doesn’t get to do whatever she wants with as much thick hair as I have/had. I think it looks cute, and so does the husband. I might have to consider getting a straightener so I can do this with my hair once in a while. For now though, I’m simply glad to have removed what felt like ten pounds of hair from my head. I’ll use a lot less shampoo and conditioner for a while, that’s for sure.