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Posting for the sake of posting

I know I haven’t posted in a while. I know I haven’t read any of the pages I used to frequent, which is obvious because I haven’t updated my links page in forever. I may spend a bunch of time at my computer, but very little of it is on the internet. Lately, all I’ve been doing is playing Pokémon, crocheting, watching TV series that Ian likes, and more recently working on the novel Continue reading


Well, as if I weren’t already distracted enough with my latch hook rug, crocheting, knitting, and trying to learn how to tat, I’m distracting myself even further now that I have purchased Pokémon White for the DS. So far, I’ve defeated two gym leaders and gotten the first two badges, and I’ve caught somewhere around a dozen or so different types of Pokémon. It’s interesting what Continue reading


I’ve been pretty busy lately what with taking on a bunch of extra shifts, but so far I have tomorrow off barring being called in. I can’t say that working a lot has kept me from posting, though. On the contrary, I’ve had a bunch of fascinating and funny experiences that would make for amusing posts, but by the time I get home I’m just happy to sit on my butt and pop in the next Continue reading

Easily distracted

Well, while I’ve had many things to post about, I have been too distracted by the many things going on to remember to post. I actually tried to post back on Thursday, but my phone is acting up and refused to send the picture and message. I was going to send a picture of a lot of little Valentine hearts I’d crocheted and mention I had a whopping fourteen people at the crochet class Continue reading

Crochet and WoW

Well, seeing as how it’s six in the morning and I’ve yet to go to bed, I keep thinking of what I did last night as the things I’ve done today despite it being yesterday. Regardless, I really didn’t do much yesterday after work except experiment with various crochet patterns–I’m working on gingerbread people–and watching various documentaries on Netflix while doing so. After Continue reading

Lego Star Wars 2

Over the weekend, Ian, Damien, Rook, and I wandered aimlessly around Wal-Mart where I saw Lego Star Wars 2, the sequel to a game I already own and have beaten. The first Lego Star Wars game was immensely cute although I didn’t know the story lines very well, having seen Episodes I-III only once each. Lego Star Wars 2, however, is Episodes IV-VI, movies I know Continue reading

Mad Lib #2 completed

The Mad Lib can now be revealed! There were a lot of good words, and I used most all of the adjectives, adverbs and nouns in the paragraph. For the rest where there were lots of entries, I just numbered them and rolled a die to determine which ones got used. I’m going to post the paragraph twice: once with the words you gave me and again with the original text as I copied it Continue reading

Mad Lib #2

It’s time for another fun Mad Lib! This time, the husband doesn’t know the book I’m pulling from, so he can join in as well. I’ve already gotten the paragraph typed up and ready; all I need are words! I’ll do this pretty much like last time: you enter words in the comments for this post and once I have enough of each, I’ll insert them into the original text for beaucoup laughs. Some Continue reading

Gaming like mad

At the moment, I have four handheld gaming systems sitting next to me, half of which are plugged in to recharge their spent batteries. I’ve got one of those old white Gameboy Advances, a Gameboy Advance SP with random Nintendo stickers covering it, an original Nintendo DS (one of the large, grey ones) and an Onyx Nintendo DS which is so covered with stickers that the Continue reading