I am a tea feind. I love tea, and the following list of what teas are currently at my disposal in the house makes that self-evident. What do you think–obsessive? What’s in your cupboard?


  1. Adagio– English Breakfast
  2.       Green Pekoe
  3.       Pu Erh
  4.       Ti Kuan Yin
  5. Bigelow– Green Tea
  6.       Mint Medley Herb Tea
  7. Celestial Seasonings– Black Cherry Berry
  8.       Country Peach Passion
  9.       Gingerbread Spice
  10.       Lemon Zinger
  11.       Peppermint
  12.       Sleepy Time
  13.       Tangerine Orange Zinger
  14.       Tension Tamer
  15.       Wild Berry Zinger
  16. Davidson’s Dessert Teas– Spiced Peach
  17.       Vanilla Cream Spice
  18. Éléphant– Tilleul-miel
  19. Gourmet du Village– Christmas tea
  20.       Festive tea
  21. Lipton orange pekoe
  22. Spice Garden– Green tea with peach
  23. Stash– Peppermint
  24. Twinings– Darjeeling
  25.       Earl Grey
Loose Leaf:

  1. Adagio– Caramel
  2.       Ceylon Sonata
  3.       Chestnut
  4.       Chocolate
  5.       Christmas
  6.       Cinnamon
  7.       Cream
  8.       Currant
  9.       Darjeeling #22
  10.       Darjeeling Rhapsody 2
  11.       Darjeeling Rhapsody 22
  12.       Earl Grey Bravo
  13.       Ginger
  14.       Golden Monkey
  15.       Gunpowder
  16.       Irish Breakfast
  17.       Keemun Concerto
  18.       Lapsang Souchong
  19.       Oolong #8
  20.       Oolong Symphony 8
  21.       Ooooh Darjeeling
  22.       Organic Rooibos
  23.       Peppermint
  24.       Pisces
  25.       Pu Erh Dante
  26.       Pumpkin Spice
  27.       Raspberry Patch
  28.       Rooibos
  29.       Rooibos Berry
  30.       Rooibos Earl Grey
  31.       Rooibos Mango
  32.       Rooibos Tropics
  33.       Rooibos Vanilla
  34.       Sagittarius
  35.       Silver Needle
  36.       Snowbud
  37.       Song Yang
  38.       Sour Apple
  39.       Spearmint
  40.       Strawberry
  41.       Vanilla
  42.       White A Cappella
  43.       White Peony
  44.       Wild Strawberry
  45.       Yunnan Jig
  46. Best Friend’s Tea– Candy Cane
  47. Fairhope Tea– Oolong
  48. Lipton– orange pekoe
  49. La Manufacture de Thé– Breakfast
  50.       Darjeeling – 2nd flush
  51.       Earl Grey
  52.       Soleil Vert
  53. Taiwan– Jasmine
  54. Twinings– Prince of Wales

  1. Adagio-Jasmine Bloom
  2.       Red Bloom


10 thoughts on “Tea

  1. Erandomandethius


    I just got some more Constant Comment at the store, and I found two more teas here at work which I forgot to include in the original 40. Also, I added teas which I don't have right now but which I do have from time to time. Like this, I can keep track of all the teas I've ever owned.

  2. Erandomandethius

    5 new teas!:

    I just got my order from Adagio today. Instead of the four teas I ordered, I got five! In addition to the Earl Grey Bravo, Peppermint, Oolong Symphony 8 and White A Cappella, I got a sample of Pumpkin Spice free for the holidays! I've got some Earl Grey brewing up right now. In addition to the teas, I also received free (with $19 purchase) a book on tea and the various varieties. Score.

  3. Erandomandethius

    New tea from Adagio:

    For having Adagio on my links page and for having a Google rank of 2, I got a free sample of a black tea today! It's Ceylon Sonata, a traditional tea from Sri Lanka. They also included three of their tall paper tea sachets to use!

  4. Erandomandethius

    Three new!:

    Adagio had a 2-for-1 deal with their gourmet sachet teas, so I grabbed some English Breakfast and some Jasmine Pearls in their strange little pyramid silk bags. For my order and for the holidays, they also included a sample tin of Chestnut-flavored tea. That'll keep me toasty over the holidays. 🙂 The Adagio sachets will be going to work with me so I can easily enjoy Adagio goodness without bringing in an infuser ball or the IngenuiTea. Score!

  5. Erandomandethius

    My first rooibos:

    I picked up a rooibos today at Kroger's. It's Kalahari Red Tea, a basic, non-flavored rooibos. I had a rooibos at Mogger's a while back and decided to grab one for the house. I'll have to give it a try later.

  6. Erandomandethius

    New Celestial Seasonings:

    My officemate Heather gave me Gingerbread tea for my birthday since it's in season for Christmas. Haven't tried it yet, but it sounds very unique.

  7. Erandomandethius

    Christmas tea gifts:

    I got a $25 gift certificate to Adagio for Xmas, so I spent it on samplers of tisanes and a few flavored teas. I got Cinnamon, Strawberry, and Ooooh Darjeeling as well as the herbals Raspberry Patch, Wild Strawberry, and Sour Apple. I also picked up a regular-sized tin of Rooibos since I'm acquiring quite a taste for the red tisane. Thanks, Jill, for the awesome gift of caffeine and flavor!

  8. Erandomandethius


    Lushbaugh gave me an Adagio Rooibos sampler which includes: Organic Rooibos, Rooibos Earl Grey, Rooibos Tropics, Rooibos Vanilla, Rooibos Berry, and Rooibos Mango. A bit fruity for my tastes, but who can turn down free tea? 🙂

  9. Erandomandethius

    Blooming tea:

    I got my first blooming teas from Adagio today: Red Bloom and Jasmine Bloom. Along with them, I also got a beautiful, airy tea glass with saucer from Germany which Adagio sells. I've added a section for blooming teas because they're not in sachets nor are they really loose leaf either. Maybe I'll find new varieties later.

  10. Erandomandethius

    Celestial Seasonings addition:

    I picked up a tisane by Celestial Seasonings because I've been needing more soothing, caffeine-free teas for late evenings to prevent staying up all night. The main ingredients of Tension Tamer are eleuthero, peppermint, cinnamon, ginger, chamomile, lemon grass, licorice, catnip, tilia flowers, and lemon flavor. I wonder if the presence of catnip will make Kitty want some…

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