Name Quizzes

There are lots of quizzes where you just enter your name and they pop out some other name. This is where I’m putting the ones I did.

Your German Name is:

Adele Ulrike

Erin Anne Doyle’s Aliases

Your movie star name: Lettuce Wilfred
Your fashion designer name is Erin Rennes
Your socialite name is Ringworm Waynesville
Your fly girl / guy name is E Doy
Your detective name is Snail Loogootee High School
Your barfly name is Hot Chocolate Mudslide
Your soap opera name is Anne Hwy 231
Your rock star name is York Peppermint Patty Light
Your star wars name is Erikit Doyian
Your punk rock band name is The Indifferent Snowglobe

Your Porn Star Name is: Albino Kitty