I’m one of a bunch of Erin Doyles all over the world; I’m even the second one in my in-law’s immediate family. I’m married to a computer geek and we have a cat and several computers. I cross stitch, I draw, I write poetry and fiction, I paint, I build models, I do needlepoint, I make dream catchers, I sew some, I crochet quite a bit, and I read a lot. I’m what some people call “extremely creative” and what others call “extremely crazy.” I call myself an Existentialist (which means there is no god) and I live by it which makes me a much happier and better person. I have a huge family and I enjoy hanging out with my friends. There, I think that covers most of the bases. That’s me. Get used to it.

Some extended information which will, of course, need periodic editing (which I may not do very often) is as follows: I graduated from Loogootee High School in 1998, went to Indiana State for a Bachelors of Arts in French with a stop off in Rennes, France for a semester, and ended up graduating from Indiana State University again for a Masters of Arts in Languages, Literatures and Linguistics back in 2005. During my time at ISU, I tutored and worked at the university library and eventually ended up teaching freshman seminars at ISU as well as an upper-level French history class at Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College. After graduating, I was a French adjunct for a year at the same institution I attended before hopping back to my old high school to teach French/English/Speech for a year. At the moment, I am unhappily unemployed but fill my time with work on my novels and crocheting. The novels I hope to publish eventually, and the crocheting I currently sell on Etsy. My future plans include moving to Bloomington to get a Masters in Library Science and to get back to large city (Jasper, my current residence, is tiny compared to Terre Haute but big compared to Loogootee) once again. There’s the last ten years of my life in a nutshell. Exciting, eh?

Whenever I make a page which has information about me or my life, I’ll go ahead and make a link to it here. So here’s what I’ve got so far:

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