Surgery, part 1

Don’t expect this to be typed all nice or anthing because I’m still recovering from yesterday’s surgery. I figure what’s a few typos? I just has my adenoids, tonsils, and a tumor the size of a walnut removed. I’m entitled to some bad spelling here and there. So here’s the run-down on how yesterday went or as much of it as i can get typed before feeling too blech to confinue.

Me, the husband and Simon got to the hospital regisration desk at 7 in the morning, which is earlier than I typically get up for work each day. I had to get up around 5:30 to shoer and be all clean before the surgery and to get my last ninute stuffs together. Once signed in, they took us to a room on the surgery floor where i got a green gown that kind of matched the knitted socks i was wearing. Got to kepe my underwear. That was nice. They asked a lot of questions like allergies and heart attacks and all that,and I told them I’m allergic to latex and gave them a note my aunt Pamela gave me about a really bad reaction to an anasthesia she had so they could be warned. My blood pressure was 116/81 and my temp was 97.6 so I was doing OK tehre. Rook drank a lot of the waiting room hot chocolate, and Ian keept threatening to pass out. He hates morenings more than me. They gave me an IV of stuff to keep me hydrated, and then it was waiting time. We were Dr. Moss’s third surgery that day. Across the hall from us was this screaming kid and her fuckedup dad who was beligerent and rude and loud. Sometime after nine, they came to drag me down the hall to the pre-surgery area and the boys went to the waiting room, where apparently Rook took a nap.

Pre-surgery meant some more questions, and they let me go to the bathroom first. It was freezing in there and that always makes me have to pee. Once in the operating room, I remember them movign me to another bed, sticking a bunch of those round stickers on me, then nothing. Out like a light.

I’ll type more lup later. I’m starting to get headachy from looking at the screen, so I’m gonna stophere. I’ll type up part 2 sometime later.