Posting for the sake of posting

I know I haven’t posted in a while. I know I haven’t read any of the pages I used to frequent, which is obvious because I haven’t updated my links page in forever. I may spend a bunch of time at my computer, but very little of it is on the internet. Lately, all I’ve been doing is playing Pokémon, crocheting, watching TV series that Ian likes, and more recently working on the novel series again. Well, not the novels themselves but the wiki that I started a while back in order to keep track of my notes. I recently got a new computer to replace my falling-apart, eight-year-old laptop, so there’s been the customizing of that as well as the new phone I also got recently. I think I spend more time checking the internet on my phone than I do on the computer. Maybe I should start getting my updates sent there.

At any rate, I felt like posting for the sake of posting, but right now, I gotta grab food before work. Food and more sinus medicine. One of these months I’m gonna finally stop having sinus problems every single day. Guess that month isn’t this one.

10 thoughts on “Posting for the sake of posting

  1. Dad

    Desk Top:

    My desk top is ten years old and not falling apart. Did have to add memory and get a larger hard drive.

    Love, Dad

  2. Erando

    Laptops don't tend to last as long:

    We added ram to Buster, swapped out the dead hard drive, and well, then the monitor's dead. There were also some pretty awful problems with the speakers constantly cutting out. Oh, and the DVD drive was dying and worked only half the time. Hmm. Come to think of it, poor Buster's been deteriorating for a while now. :/ The desktop's more powerful anyway and will play my games better. Oh, and I have more room for my random files! 😀

  3. Dad

    Desk top or lap top?:

    did you get a laptop or desktop? At work people keep telling me that companies are moving to making only laptops, but I'm very partial to desktops. Don't plan on having a laptop unless that is the only thing I can get. Mom's netbook is ok but not what I like.

    Love, Dad

  4. Erandomandethius


    I doubt it. His imaginary friends sound rather technologically unadvanced, so I'm guessing that posting to web pages wouldn't be their cup of tea. Most of my imaginary friends have never even heard of the Internet, so they wouldn't do any posting either. A few of them have, but they're busy either teaching at a high school or running a bookstore or well, being imaginary, so I doubt they'd have much time either. I ought to stop making imaginary posts in my head that never get to the computer and start writing real posts. I wonder when that'll happen.

  5. Dad

    Getting close to the end of the month.:

    Well it's getting close to the end of the month. Has it happened yet?

    Love, Dad

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