Well, as if I weren’t already distracted enough with my latch hook rug, crocheting, knitting, and trying to learn how to tat, I’m distracting myself even further now that I have purchased Pokémon White for the DS. So far, I’ve defeated two gym leaders and gotten the first two badges, and I’ve caught somewhere around a dozen or so different types of Pokémon. It’s interesting what changes they’ve made in this game. So far, I haven’t seen a single Pokémon evolve (though I think I’m getting high enough level to see that soon), and I’ve seen only one bug-type Pokémon. Madness! In all the other games, you couldn’t take two steps without running into a bug-type. Can’t say I’m upset about that; I’ve never been a big fan of the bug-types. Generally, I catch what bugs I need to, evolve them, then put them away in storage. I also like that you can have two-on-two battles in the wild against wild Pokémon so that it’s easier to level up two Pokémon at a time. However, the caveat is that if one of the wild Pokémon that shows up is one you want to catch, you can’t. The game claims you’re too “unfocused” to be able to effectively throw a ball at one of them, even if one of the pair has been knocked out. Oh well.

The most interesting thing is that I have yet to see any Pokémon from any of the other series. It’s as though they just wanted to start from scratch…after I’m not even sure how many generations of the game, lol. Still, I’m enjoying myself, and I forsee getting Pokémon Black at some point so I can see what different Pokémon are in each and then trade them back and forth. For now, I’ve gotta level up my team so I can take on the third gym. 🙂