Porta-pockets! My latest knitted project.

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I sometimes wear skirts to work, and none of the skirts I have have pockets in them. This is my solution: a scarf with pockets at the ends so I can wear it around my neck and toss whatever I need in the pockets. Generally that just means my lip balm, flash drive, and maybe a pen, but if I really wanted, I could carry my phone around or what-have-you. I can’t remember just when I started this scarf, but it took me a while because I kept having to tink and frog various sections. I even had to have Katie help me figure out how to take out a couple rows ’cause I couldn’t get my needle back in the stitches. It’s done now, however, and I’m happy to have completed my first bit of more complicated knitting. My next project will probably be either a beret (need to get some circular needles for that) or one of the animals out of the knitting book Mom gave me for Christmas. I’m going to take the porta-pockets to work today because they’ve recently turned off the furnace again, and it’s a bit chilly in there at the moment. That means I’ll actually be using it like a scarf, heehee.

4 thoughts on “Porta-pockets! My latest knitted project.

  1. Dad

    Could be dangerous:

    Put something with some weight to it and swing it around your neck. Might be considered a weapon.

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