Surgery, part 3

Wanna see something gross? Click “More” in order to see the first picture from the surgery. Mind you, it’s gross. I don’t suggest looking at it at all unless you’re OK seeing gross surgery photos.

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Surgery, part 2.

OK, so here’s what happened after the surgery, or as much as I can remember of it. I woke up in what I assumed to be a recovery room with an oxygen mask sort of leaning against my face. The nurse who saw my eyes open told me to breathe deeply, so I did for a bit, then she moved the mask and periodically reminded me to breathe deeply. I complained (or tried to) that my mouth Continue reading

Surgery, part 1

Don’t expect this to be typed all nice or anthing because I’m still recovering from yesterday’s surgery. I figure what’s a few typos? I just has my adenoids, tonsils, and a tumor the size of a walnut removed. I’m entitled to some bad spelling here and there. So here’s the run-down on how yesterday went or as much of it as i can get typed before feeling too blech to confinue. Continue reading

Benign metamorphic adenoma

Haven’t posted here in forever. I periodically think of things to write, but I never get around to typing them up. For this, though, I think a lengthy post is necessary, so I’ll try to muddle through despite being horribly distracted by life right now. I suppose I’ll begin in the beginning because it’s the easiest place to start.

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In like a lion

The husband and I weathered the thunderstorms and nearby tornadoes today. We even swung by Taco Bell in between squalls. I sometimes wonder if it’d make more sense to move to someplace vaguely less dangerous weather-wise, but we’d likely be trading all of Indiana’s bad climate problems for something like earthquakes (which can happen here too, obviously) or deep Continue reading

NaNoWriMo preparedness

The husband is sleeping behind me, so I don’t want to kick on WoW and do a couple dailies before work ’cause I’ll probably wake him up. Then again, probably not. He could sleep through damn near anything. Regardless, I’m attempting the role of a loving wife, so we’ll stick with the first statement. Instead, I figured I’d type a bit because it’s relatively quiet, but I’m sort of stuck Continue reading

Hate the holidays

It’s nearly Thanksgiving, and after that, there’ll be nothing on air but Christmas commercials, Christmas music, and people bitching about the so-called “War on Christmas.” I hate that. I hate December for all of that. I hate the fact that if I tell people I hate Christmas, I get accused of being a Scrooge (Christmas reference) or Grinch (Christmas reference) rather than someone Continue reading

Posting for the sake of posting

I know I haven’t posted in a while. I know I haven’t read any of the pages I used to frequent, which is obvious because I haven’t updated my links page in forever. I may spend a bunch of time at my computer, but very little of it is on the internet. Lately, all I’ve been doing is playing Pokémon, crocheting, watching TV series that Ian likes, and more recently working on the novel Continue reading


Well, as if I weren’t already distracted enough with my latch hook rug, crocheting, knitting, and trying to learn how to tat, I’m distracting myself even further now that I have purchased Pokémon White for the DS. So far, I’ve defeated two gym leaders and gotten the first two badges, and I’ve caught somewhere around a dozen or so different types of Pokémon. It’s interesting what Continue reading

Porta-pockets! My latest knitted project.

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I sometimes wear skirts to work, and none of the skirts I have have pockets in them. This is my solution: a scarf with pockets at the ends so I can wear it around my neck and toss whatever I need in the pockets. Generally that just means my lip balm, flash drive, and maybe a pen, but if I really wanted, I could carry my phone around or what-have-you. I can’t remember just when I Continue reading